Founded in 1975, V.O. George has made it a priority to maintain the valued relationships that we have with our customers.


The company’s overall strategy is based on a continuous improvement process of setting objectives, measuring results, and providing feedback to facilitate further growth and progress.

The company plans to continually serve our general contractors that have been loyal and part of our progress over the last 40 years. In addition, we plan to continually develop and maintain alliances with industry leaders, especially with those that are employed at the hospitals in our territory. We are always striving to achieve top sales awards by pursuing jobs that we have bid, recognizing new leads, and capitalizing on V.O. George’s existing and new alliances by securing city, state, and government contracts. This will allow us to amplify our bidding process immensely, while providing services and knowledge to our customers the best way we know how.

V.O. George practices a corporate strategy that is dedicated to improving the performance of activities on the critical path of its customers’ projects. The company does this by building on its core strengths, estimating and product expertise, and project and site management.

Value Propositions

V.O. George is undoubtedly a leader in specialty building products in the commercial industry. Ways in which we exemplify excellence are listed below:

Review of cut sheets, drawings, plans, and specifications
From the start, the company estimates all products needed, the cost of the product and installation (if needed), and the lead-time for all products. This information is then passed to our customers for bidding projects, as well as smaller projects.

Pre-job consulting upon request
By thoroughly understanding the products we sell and the commercial construction business, we are able to schedule on-site field measurements and give advice to contractors, as well as architects. Other scenarios include visiting hospitals and schools where old material needs replaced.

We strive to create an environment where excellent customer service is provided at all times. We have created a process in which we receive shipping papers, pro/tracking numbers for all jobs so that we have sufficient information to give to our customers. We also have the power to expedite shipments when needed, provided the material is in stock. Most jobs have a “call before delivery” option that we utilize frequently.

Our Team

President / Sales

Estimating / Project Management

Accounts Receivable & Customer Service